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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sunset Rock

Last night I stopped by Rock Creek for some advice on where to run here in Chattanooga. This was on the advice of David Ray. If you have read his blog, you should. *run dad run, see dad run) There is some great stuff in there ranging from a packed schedule of ultras to funny stories concerning him and his family.

Will at Rock Creek (outdoor store) took his time finding what I was looking for then pointing me in the right direction. Last night was an easy hour up around Lookout Mtn. The route took me up to some neat Civil War landmarks and eventually out in some of the smoothest rolling terrain I have run in quite sometime. This is the kind of running we dream of where time has disappeared and the steps just come with a flow. There were long segments of time when I did not even have a single thought in my mind. To me there is no better "runner's high" than this.

Following the run I ordered Papa John's opened a dark Abita Turbodog and lounged in front of Pedro Martinez's return to the bigs. Did you watch the game? Did you see Victorino get a beer thrown on his head by a fan in center field at Wrigley as he was camped under a warning track fly ball? Despicable and yes... slightly hilarious. But what a jerk of a guy to treat someone so rottenly.

Anyway, tomorrow I will go and see the Cumberland Trail. The trail should have a little bit more of a serious attitude, a little more rugged footing and aggressive climbing. I think?

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  1. I haven't had Abita since my trip to New Orleans. Turbo dog was a favorite.

    Some sort of Sam Adams flavor tonight is just going to have to do.


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