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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July whispers by...

I am struggling to log a total of 100 miles this month. It seems I have been tapering/ recovering for about 6 weeks now. Long runs of 6 miles or even an hour!!!... though when the last was- I am not sure, I guess Grandfather Marathon. I shy away from giving myself so much credit but... since the reduction in overall mileage I have seen a direct connection with the Red Sox losing first place and the Yankees taking over... temporarily.

I'd like to think this is just like drafting; and when the time is right, Boston will assert themselves and set the world right again. Likewise, I will get back to training this next week. If Boston DOES make a move back to their winning ways then I am sure to continue logging my necessary mileage or at least daily runs... until another World Series goes to Fenway!!


  1. Run Friday- Sox win!
    Run Saturday- Sox win, Yanks lose!
    No run Sunday- Sox lose, Yanks win :(

    ... there is something happening here...

  2. Monday- 10 miles, Sox win big.

  3. 7 miles in a drizzle out on the BFT. Sox winning late in the game tonight... just sayin'

  4. ...for the record, Sox blew the 7/28 ballgame and lost yesterday as well DESPITE my run. I will run LONGER today for the greater good.

  5. The loose correllation continues... I did run long this weekend and the sox put up 18 runs...

  6. looks like a fork with pinstripes is inches away from the red 'B'


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