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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Focus Transition

With the completion of Boston I will say farewell to road marathons for the near future and begin the season of trail ultra running! I find ultra training and racing to be liberating and being on the trails feels like home.

Chattooga 50k  2009; Mile 20
Longer and Wider
Away from the stresses of splits and smooth pavement there exists a visceral and demanding immediacy of the moment. Trail running offers a meditative state of engagement as your body constantly adjusts to changes in terrain, with subtle foot placements, head ducks, shoulder shifts and log hurdling.

The relative relaxed paces of ultra distances provide an ease in initial effort that allows a stronger connection/ relationship between me and the course and my trail friends. In time the pain will come in its dull but overwhelming introduction before prodding your muscles and joints and stomach and mind with acute bursts.

The Long Haul
Looking ahead to next month I will be returning to the Chattooga River for year 3 of running 50k over its demanding terrain. New for this year, the race is 2 weeks later and officially into the southern summer. Finishing those final 10 miles at midday will test everyone's mettle and will, the only solace will be in the smiles of relieved faces soaking for a moment in the comforting scenic waters of the plentiful waterfalls.

Beyond the Chattooga and the 50k distance I will be testing my limits in the fall with my first 24 hour run at Wood's Ferry in September and then Weymouth Woods 100k in January. I will be tasked with the newness of running through the night, sleep starvation and dodging strange sights of my own making out in the mysterious trails of the mind. I look forward to savoring the miles, digging deeper into my will and forging new boundaries for my perceptions.

Happy Running!


  1. Can't wait to get out on trail and enjoy the morning calm as we decend the winding stairs - knowing full well, the likes of you and others, have already cleared the spider webs off the trail...

  2. and why just do one marathon?! doing more than one will save you money and time :)...but seriously, i'm sure the trails will be a very rewarding experience.

  3. Runners like you hold me in awe. I always like to think that one day I could do that...but I think my marathon challenge is enough. For now.
    Sounds like you're headed for adventure.....

  4. You have to hit up a run with me now that you're back into ultra training

  5. congrats again on boston! and happy trails!! 100k!! how exciting!!! good luck on your training for ultras!! hope to see you soon!

    take care!


  6. I love this post, and then the juxtaposition of Georgia Snail's hilarious comment! Awesome! More so because it's true!

    Looking forward to seeing you and the Fam (baby Silas is still going, riiight?) at Chattooga and Woods ferry.


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