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Monday, May 9, 2011

Sporadically Strewn: mileage. the latest minimalist victim.

Sometimes the road is smooth, slightly downhill and your stride flows endlessly, without effort.

Sometimes the trail is rocky, rooted, rutted, you are ducking branches, the trail disappears or goes in three directions or you run into a baby bear cub and turn around to see Mama snarling at you... you never know what is going to happen on your run- until you are running it. If- you are running it.

Lately, my running has been spotty. Life has taken the driver's seat and running is packed in the trunk under a dusty box of old cassette tapes... it is not gone, but like listening to Young M.C. sing the "apple sauce" song, it is lingering, painful the day after experienced.

It seemed like a good idea to run 9 tempo miles after 3 weeks off...

Last week I got out for a grand total of... 23 miles; and then back to back runs on Friday/Saturday left me limping along the aisles of Baby's R Us on Sunday afternoon. I am just thankful for the young guys who carried the (lead-filled??) crib box all over the store for me, and as if it were filled with packing peanuts. I had the excuse at least that I was carrying Sylas... but still... I was limping about, happy to have Mother's Day here, because "hey, I could run... but it's Mother's Day, better just take a zero..."

This is where I stand (sit, lay, sleep...) as the May mountain weather has turned perfect, the forests have exploded with color and sounds and my running has turned sporadic at best... what is a runner to do?... better get out for a long one tonight! Take it slow and take it in:)

Happy Running!


  1. Running is definitely an ongoing relationship, sometimes a roller coaster ride. Enjoy the journey!

  2. the description sounds very tempting to me...but one does never know where the road goes. well said :)


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