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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Limbo Days

This is an enjoyable time between goals. A time for researching and planning for the next big thing. A time to reflect upon the consistency required to be at your best as a runner. It is a time, most of all, to share a bit more life at home with the ones I love. I am not in the business of apologizing for the time I spend on trails and roads, but it is very nice to have this 'extra' chunk at the end of the day now.

This week I've done a lot of nothing. But also have been able to catch up on some of the house tasks I have put off since the weather turned nice. Replacing boards, finishing some painting and working in the garden have been rewarding in their own way.

But I must admit that I am now in the mode of searching for a new goal. I have a 50k already scheduled in October, Goblin Valley. A rolling desert run through some neat rock formations. I am also searching for a Boston Qualifier somewhere on the East Coast. I am avoiding Charlotte. But there are a couple races in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire that are looking promising. Being a native of the Granite State I am kind of leaning that way. It would be a great chance to revisit my running roots and my Grandmother as well. That is something Lynnea and I have really been meaning to do.

As stated, Boston is now a goal for 2010. I am not aiming at the qualifying for Boston, that would be a necessary step of course, but really I'd like to go to Boston and have a (TBD) time goal. I have qualified in the past (Chicago 2003) but injury kept me away from the Mecca. Now it is time to revisit this dream of mine and quench it for all it has to offer. It is an experience I grew up watching on television... and now it is something that I desire in my running blood.

These are the things that I've spent this extra running energy on this week. My legs feel great, my soul is renewed and my mind is ready to run... but I will let the pump prime a little longer.

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