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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Like it!

I am not one to tell you what to like, but if you are here (again) then I think it is safe to assume that at the very least you don't NOT like In Clean Air... with that in mind The Sean is rolling out the red carpet just for you...

Go on over to the In Clean Air FB page and make your presence known. Like it!

You probably want to know what is in it for you... I don't blame you, I was just thinking about what is in it for me. Well here's the deal... over the next week I'll collect all the Likes In Clean Air receives and put them in a virtual hat, or bucket, or some kind of receptacle... it might be a Ralph's coffee can for all I know... and then I will pull out a lucky winner of the grand prize.

Nuun Electrolyte Replacement Tabs
Why lucky you ask? Because the winner will have been selected as the recipient of free Nuun product. You will be sticking stickers, applying fake tats to your dogs and cats and covering your neighbor's car windows with decals all while enjoying the wonderful benefit of Nuun electrolyte replacement tabs... they are so good I have been putting them in my cereal. You can stick to water if you must.

So what are still doing here?

Go to In Clean Air's new Facebook Page and let me know that you Like me... that you really, really Like me (or at least the blog).

As always, Happy Running!


  1. I liked you enough to make In Clean Air a page favorite for Redhead Running's FB Fanpage. :)

  2. I'm in!! (and have plugged myself back into the commenting grid. I hope to be back here a LOT much more often!!)

  3. Just happened upon your blog and bookmarked it. Nice recap of your experience at the Boston Marathon this year. I grew up in NH (Peterborough) and currently live just outside Boston. I love North Carolina too. Ran the Tobacco Trail Half Marathon last year and have done some running/biking in Umstead Natl Park which is awesome. Looking forward to following your racing adventures.

  4. Hi Sean! I love the new look of your blog! Great picture of you on the header:)I am sure I will like the facebook page...just need to get over there!

    I love what you wrote for your "The Sean and his particulars:) There you are going all poetic on me!! Love it!


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