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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Valle Crucis 25k Race Preview

Another goal race is squarely in my sights.

In 2009 the Valle Crucis 25k was run as a "test" for the upcoming Chattooga 50k. To see how the hills would feel and the distance would feel while running at a comfortable pace. After all, at that point the 15.5 miles was my longest run of the year.

This year my goals are somewhat elevated. Feeling stronger, faster and lighter I hope to drop some time from last year's 1:42:30. I will run this one without a watch, however. Running blind I hope to be more in tune with how my body is handling the work. Starting gently and steadily pushing toward my limits, wherever they are right now.

Borrowing a quote from Boston Marathon Champion Teyba Erkesso, "The best way to run fast, is to try to win."

While slightly less in my control, I plan on competing as best as I can. I have some ideas concerning the best way to run this course and those I will hold on to. You will just have to read the race report to find out if I was smart enough to run my best race.


  1. Good Luck this weekend...stay strong!

  2. Hey, Sean!

    Good luck this weekend.

    You've been racing tremendously this season! I have every confidence you'll keep up the streak.

    Can't wait to hear all about it:)

  3. nice, I didn't realize you had a race coming up. But, now that I look at your scheudle to the right, you have a crap ton of them coming up!!

    So, to build off of your quote that is in the post, when you are leading do you run to keep others behind you? Or, do you run based on feel and no matter how far back everyone else is you continue to push at the risk of blowing up?

    I ask because I will likely never know :)

  4. Hi Sean,

    First of all, I love your new picture of you running! Looking good:)

    Good luck to you this weekend with your 25K! Feeling stronger, faster and lighter is always a good thing:) Take care!!

  5. This weekend...wowza! Good luck man, but I'm sure you won't need it. You always race as best you can, and that's pretty cool.


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