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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Loopy Tuesday

A glorious afternoon in Boone, NC... and it was Tuesday. What does that mean? Well not much, except for it was time once again for me to learn something about what kind of runner I am and in the process perhaps increase my potential for performance. That means nothing more than interval work.

The plan was 2 miles at MP then 2x mile at 10k and a final mile at 8k. So that is what I did, with rest intervals of 90 seconds. It went well and I worked hard and yada yada yada. A few interesting things happened while I was out there.

During my 2 mile MP effort I was raced a few times by a lad and his IPod. he was running 200m stretches of the course and he did in fact pass me several times "at the tape". I wanted to teach him a lesson, but instead taught myself one... integrity. So I stuck to my plan and ran my own run... over course I did revel in passing him back in a few steps as he double over, gasping for vital breathe and I continued on at Marathon Pace.

I finished up my daily toil. Feeling appropriately spent I sauntered into a cool down and tagged along with my new friend, Charlie, who was coming back from an injury and running the end of a 2 mile run. We chatted for about 10 minutes as he finished up his base work and then off to the car I went. It was a glorious afternoon in Boone. I know you are probably jealous.


  1. I AM jealous. Nothing is better than knowing in your own head that you can totally blow by someone - but not.

  2. I am jealous. 115 in Phoenix today. Ugh.


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