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Monday, August 31, 2009

7 Traits of The Sean

How can I sum this being called The Sean up in a simple 7 Traits? You may ask that. Though, I would wonder how one could find 7 traits to describe me. Nonetheless, I love a challenge and I love writing things about me... so, let's give it a go!

First I will Google "common traits of The Sean" to see where I can begin. Back in a minute...

a minute or two later...

  1. I seem to need intellectual and physical exercise.
    I really get tired only when bored. But boredom happens a lot because I am also lazy.
  2. Procrastination I am prone to though I get my mileage in one way or another.
  3. I hate to be confined to bed, unless it is to dream a little dream. Also any kind of oppressive (read 'not my idea') routine saps my optimism which is normally abundant. I am very trusting, to a fault, that is until let down.
  4. I like to think that I can be eccentric and may find it difficult to keep a secret. But when I must, I do keep some secrets. So don't tell me anything unless it is REALLY important.
  5. Close friendship with just one or two people is my norm. In fact, most who attempt to get too familiar with me or who takes advantage of my natural friendliness, may be struck by the fiery rocket of your temper. BAM!!! So, watch out if uninvited. But really I am a normal nice and caring person.
  6. I can be tactless but are never deliberately cruel... just kind of opinionated without thinking things out totally- but this is in the best sense possible. And I have a great smile so that helps! If I am talking to you, then you are in my good graces.
  7. I enjoy learning, study, and creative interpretation. Whatever that it.

Well, that is me in 7 bullets. You wouldn't know any different anyway. So take my word for it.

Google really is amazing.


  1. I think "creative interpretation" means never having to say you are wrong!

  2. You know, it is funny. I can totally relate to #5 as well - even though I am a very outgoing guy.


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