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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Goblin Valley Pictures are here:)

Goblin Valley State Park is located about 40 minutes from Green River, Utah.
Here are some of the formations which give the valley its name!

The surrounding area is wide open, creating a stark contrast to running in the southeast.

It was a warm day, which seemed to get hot, as the desert grew more vast with each step.

The asphalt was pleasing in its efficiency at the end of the run!!

Meeting a 25k participant as we move through the pumpkins, used as blazes.

Not only did Lynnea take all of these amazing pictures, she also ran and won her first race!!

The final few steps were wonderful for many reasons...

This was a unique run physically and mentally. The open spaces were a challenge to deal with.


  1. Sean~
    those photo's are so awesome. I can only imagine what that run was like....thanks for posting them.

  2. Wow, that was pretty and barren at the same time. There are NOOO trees! I suppose if you had to pee, you'd have to use one of those goblin rocks. That'd probably work I suppose.

  3. Great photos! It looks almost surreal.

    Thanks for the link! I KNEW I had heard that song somewhere other than in the deep recesses of my mind. AWESOME.


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