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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Basement Tapes...

How does a solid base affect our running? Here is an entry from this past February as I was about one month into the training for the Chattooga 50k.

This patient, consistent base led to a great year, my best year of running and one that was injury free along with my highest yearly mileage total while never reaching a high mileage week, PR's in distances ranging from the 50k to 5k (and hopefully come Disney a new Marathon PR). I have re-qualified for Boston, ran consistently without feeling the pressure to run fast each and every day. Easy days and fun days... off days when needed; long runs as a priority; faster running as a seasoning.

In fact, I mainly run for the enjoyment of the movement... So, the above entry is a look back to see how it is that I reached this point; the genesis... from zero, to 10 miles a week and now... a solid, yet relatively moderate 2100+ miles for the year... one runner's journey within himself.


  1. And that base makes all the difference. You have put in some great mileage this year!

  2. 2100 miles is awesome. I probably won't get to 2000+ next year, but once I have a base of 1750 or so - I WILL get there!

    Disney is in 2 weeks or so, right? Any kinks that will slow you down?


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