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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last Chance!! Auria: Performance sports earphones GIVEAWAY!!!

Exceed: Glacier White
The deadline is fast approaching. Enter now. See details at the bottom of post.

One of the major annoyances of running with music is that little tug in your lobe. A tug that makes you wonder how such a seemingly insignificant amount of mass could cause such annoyance as to leave music behind at home. That is until the unveiling of the Exceed earphones from Auria!

The Wear Test
I decided to put these earphones to a true test, not a little jog on a paved road... but out onto the technical trails of the high country with jostle inducing rocks and roots. Covering the twists and turns and aggressive changes in elevation has worn on and irritated my sensitive lobes while running with earbuds in the past.

That problem is ancient history now, gone the way of the boombox, walkman and the discman... now, you have the perfectly comfortable earphone to use with your iPod, MP3 player or smartphone! It is easy to use, it stays in place and allows the user to readily hear ambient sound! Now you can be a courteous and safe sharer of the trails! No more people sneaking up on you and shoving you into the bushes as they pass!

In Place and Comfortable
As soon as I put the Auria Exceed earphones in,  I began jumping up and down in the classic I have water in my ears style of summer time... and nothing budged. So off onto the trail I ventured. Even while running vigorously the earphones stayed in place and were so comfortable that they went unnoticed, it was just me, the trail and some Dylan tunes to keep me company as I moved over the terrain.

Safety and Convenience
The audio quality is excellent, very clear with a great range. Most importantly though- these earphones allow ambient sound to come through from your surroundings! I believe this contributes to the safe use of music while running. The user can hear approaching vehicles,  pedestrians, rabid dogs, or just have a conversation with their running partner without fidgeting with their volume or removing the earphones each time they are asked what their favorite color is.

Get Yours Free! (Winner Announced 8/31)
So, how do you get a pair? Well you can go to the Auria website and see the array of personalized styles and models and find your local retailer.

OR- you can get a FREE pair right here at
In Clean Air! Here is what you need to do to enter for your shot at a free pair of stylish Auria earphones:

  1. You have to follow the blog. 
  2. Then, 'Like' In Clean Air' on Facebook
  3. Finally, leave a comment on the facebook page telling me what are your favorite song(s) to run to!
That's it! Winner will be announced on August 31st. Don't put it off! Do it now and you could be running safe and sound with Auria earphones and In Clean Air. Already have earphones? Well, its 4 months to Christmas! 

Happy Running!


  1. Nice! I'm a follower and a real life stalker....

    I listen to a variety of tunes while out on long runs, a lot of Ryan Adams, The Killers, Kings of Leon...recently, Fitz & the Tantrums.

    Waiting for the In Clean Air Podcast....


  2. Really cool earphones!!

    I'm a follower....

  3. my name is Muriel and i'm an alcoholic, no i mean follower as well ;)My favorite Bob Dylan song is 'Subterranean Homesick Blues'...really good music video too :)

  4. Follower-

    Like ya on FB

    leaving you a note on FB

    thanks for a great review and opportunity to win a pair :)

  5. Im a follower!
    Like you on FB!
    Left a comment under the FB giveaway!
    Thank you!

  6. Follow you.
    Like you on FB.
    Posted on FB that Teenagers by My Chemical Romance is my favorite song to run to.

  7. I'm a new follower! :)

    I also now like you on facebook.

    And some of my favorite running songs are "On the Floor" by J-Lo and Pitbull and the Rock of Ages soundtrack (some awesome classic rock stuff on there). However, lately I've been listening to some stand up comedy on Pandora and that works pretty well for me too.

  8. I am a follower, I liked In Clean Air on FB and I left a comment there about my fav song at the moment :) Yay!

  9. My headphones just, like many others, I am a follower and a stalker...

    I listen to a wide variety of songs, but interestingly enough, my "power song" of the moment is "I just had sex" by The Lonely Island & Akon (168 bpm).


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