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Monday, January 23, 2012


This week I took a big step forward.

I had planned on not running until February 4th, focusing on strength and cross training while my ailing ankle recovered. However, with 2 weeks of completely pain free movement and the urge to get moving again I decided to do some striding last week. After completing about 300m of easy striding and waiting a day to see how my ankle responded, I was relieved to find that I had no residual soreness, no swelling, nothing noticeable at all!

With this feedback I adapted my plan and have begun the long process back to racing. Totaling about 5 hours a week for now, my training consists of the following:

  • Run 1 mile at a ridiculous effort for ridiculous pace :) In fact, the watch has been left behind for now!
  • followed by 50+ minute circuit on bike 
    • alternate days of upper/ lower body lifting
    • (...and lots of youtube videos viewed while pedaling in place)

The good news is that I am living sore these days! That is also the bad news... I have a LONG way back to the place where I can say I am running and even longer until I can consider any  racing. I am dreaming of running my old recovery routes... just a 5 mile "easy" run seems a long way off. But, I am RUNNING!

Turning the Corner 

Two months of doing NOTHING and eating myself into the book of deadly sins has me facing a big challenge and I love a challenge! With my pants' waistline out of space, my fitness at a 4 year low and my mind fresh, I am optimistic about what this 2012 running year will bring me! The spark has caught hold and I am RUNNING!

Riding the bike to nowhere has brought back focus and allowed contemplation of where I have been, what I've been doing with my running and allowed me to make sense of my priorities as a dad and a runner. I see so many parent/ runners out there and know it is possible to do both well. In fact, each likely benefits the other!

With this in mind I am moving forward with urgency... a mile at a time for now, though in a blink of an eye- 50k and beyond!! But all done with a miraculous single step at a time!


  1. So glad you're able to not start back! Sounds like you've got a great plan and an even better attitude!

  2. Step at a time... great plan! Glad to hear you are on the road back to running!

  3. Cool! Just put one foot in front of the other and watch out for new pains. Easing back into it will pay dividends soon enough. I'm fighting a similar mental battle now and telling myself the same thing.

  4. 2012 is going to be great! way to enjoy the here and the now!


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