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Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Solid Week

As the ramp continued upward and outward I am approaching mileage totals that I can almost say without dropping my eyes and coughing through.

"Mileage... oh, ah... (look away) about xx right now. Well, you know. this and that and the other etc..."

Breaks are good, especially considering my current circumstances, but the bottom line is that they will not be shortening the course at Boston because Lynnea and I have a new addition... at least I don't think so.

Now with back to back 40 mile weeks I feel that things are at least consistent. While the long run is... not, I know that I can build that up pretty quickly. Short term is getting that consistent daily mileage to spur on the physiological goodies like: increased blood volume and mitochondrial content. Resolving to harden the mind and adjust back to spending 3 hours on my feet.

I can sense these things happening. Last week I was wrecked... WRECKED... from a 40 mile week, OUCH and that set in some doubt. After some rest, a good night's sleep- well, two good nights of sleep and a stress free trail run yesterday (<---click there for a video)... Today's run, was GREAT! 9 miles of free easy and powerful running. It is progress and a reminder that in these early stages things are inconsistent, just like the mileage has been. Adding layers on layers like grains of sand in a sand castle is THE ONLY WAY to develop into the best runner we can be.

So, with about 10 weeks of training before Boston I have the time to do this. By no means is a PR in sight... but I can celebrate my achievement of qualifying and be fit enough to run an enjoyable race in my favorite city!


  1. Two nights of good sleep?! Wowee your a lucky man :) Good to hear your on track.

  2. Have you thought about writing a letter to Boston explaining your circumstances and asking them to shorten the course "just for you"?

  3. Awesome post. I definitely need to develop a bit more of the "hardening of the mind" myself in preparation for being on my feet for so long. And thanks for the reminder that layering is how it works!

    Sending good vibes your way! And not snow, hopefully.

  4. You'll do great!!!! I know it.


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