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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chattooga 50k Taper Weeks, Tourists on the trails!!

Just under a week until the Chattooga 50k... I am trying to stay relaxed and rest up but the excitement has begun to catch me unexpectedly in moments. Last week was pretty easy with a couple of rest days wrapped around a 16 mile jaunt, a speed session of 6 by a mile and then a race on Saturday. I jumped into the 'over the creek and through the woods 10k'. I had hoped to average 6 minute pace and see how that felt. The results were promising, (especially for the marathon in July) as I ran a 35:18. Should make 6:45 feel nice over the longer and hillier course. (Hillier... not really an actual word?)

Anyway, the race was good, felt like a hard tempo run. Sunday I was slated for 10 miles so I set out on the Boone Fork Trail, with a Price Lake Loop for a MUDDY and extremely enjoyable 70 minutes or so. There were tons of hikers out on a beautiful day. They were all avoiding the muddy wetness but not me! I plunged into the mud with every opportunity, ran directly in the the streams and maybe gave a few tourists a little scare as they may have felt that a cougar was upon them on a few of those blind corners.

Yesterday I was able to rest and do nothing, nothing and nothing.

I will run an hour or so today, hit some pace work on a handful of 800's tomorrow and then sprinkle in a couple of 30-40 minute runs at the end of the week with a couple of hills and/ or surges. This'll take me close to 1000 miles to this point on the year... It even looks like the final mile of the Chattooga will be number 1000... coincidence? Maybe.

Look forward to the day. From what I have seen the weather should be nice. 88 degrees, sunny and clear. 10% chance of a shower... which would be a good thing in passing.

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