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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lazy Daze

What a visit! My lil bro and his fam just left this morning. Late nights, lazy days, lots of laughs, a ball game, time on the river, catching my first fish... Great Times!

Today, I will run. It's been since Saturday when my longish reminder was interrupted by vicious T-storms. They snuck up on me over Grandfather Mountain. One second steady rain, the next I was surrounded by black clouds, lightning and sheets of heavy rain and blistering winds.

At that point I made the decision to cut my run from 16 miles to get back to the car as soon as possible and live to run another day. After a squatting stint in some low land ravine waiting for the worst to pass I continued on... making it safely to the Honda. This was the second most severe weather I have been caught in on a run... no hail at least.

Upon arriving home I was greeted with carnage in the forest about 200 feet from the back porch. There was a large swath of Poplar destroyed from sudden high winds that came and went in a flash. Our cousin was apparently in the immediate area and his faith must've been tested in that moment. The word 'tornado' was mentioned... none of us are meteorologists so... who knows, but he was there for the destruction first hand. Since this is the same system that I encountered later in the day... I was VERY happy to have made the decision to cut the run short. Now it has been 3 days since I have run so it is high time to get out there on a trail for a long hour in Wilson's Creek!!

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