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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Journey is Born

Today was a good day.

Lynnea is planning for her first race. She'll do the 10k in October at Goblin Valley, Utah. So, I took some time to develop her training plan today (Monday). She received it and reviewed the details. Then she said, "looks good, I can do that." At the kitchen table we sat down and filled out our race applications, wrote the check and mailed off our intent to participate. As we know, once we pay, we gotta run day to day.


When I got home from my run Lynnea was watching a movie, and I dared not ask about her first run in the training cycle because she had not mentioned it first (and because I know better than to talk during a movie!) After some time passed (I did dishes!!) and the movie was over she invited me out for her run. I know how much running I would have done after settling in for the night... zero. But in a few minutes we had Lily strapped onto a leash and we were headed down the road on a beautiful summer evening in the mountains of North Carolina. The river valley was amazing. The run was so enjoyable, gotta love the simplicity of the movement.

So, day one is down for Lynnea. Now she will learn about running on the road as she travels east for a couple of days. Not the best way to start, but as with all things, if you stick to it the results will come to you.

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  1. That's great! Gotta love running with the wife.


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