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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Loopy Tuesday

This weeks speed work was abbreviated due to a number of factors.

One, I am feeling a little over trained. I believe it is best to rest when the body tells you so, or to at least diminish the likelihood of injury by reducing the level of intensity in a given workout.
Two, (and this relates to one) I am preparing for The Continental Divide USA 10k Trail Championships on Saturday in Laurel Springs, NC. This run will demand a great effort. The course claims to be an aggressive climber over 2+ loops. Better to not leave our best current race on a Loopy Tuesday. Pick your battles or they'll pick you.
Three, I will be racing the following weekend as well. A 7 mile run through beautiful Valle Crucis at the aptly named Valle Crucis 7 miler... ('The Cub'... in reference to the Grandfather Mountain The Bear Run.) This is the 2nd of 3 races in the High Country Triple Crown Series. It too claims to be hilly and I am sure that it will be.
So, this leaves me standing on the Loop on a Tuesday with some pace work ahead of me. First 2 miles at MP. I struggle to run this pace and finish the 2 miles feeling as if I had just completed a 5k. After my rest interval I set off to run 1 mile at 10k, complete it and that is the workout. That is it. Off to recover and cool down.
This is an uninspiring day. But necessary are the lows if we ever want the highs. That is my perspective on a Wednesday morning... not so much while changing out of my flats on the Loop.
I head home, spend the night with my beautiful wife, Lynnea. She is on track for an amazing performance at Goblin Valley 10k and her optimism is very helpful to help me regain the right attitude towards all of this running- it is really important to me personally, but not for performance reason necessarily


  1. Wow, that is a lot of racing coming up. Probably wise to listen to your body and take a bit of a rest. Unfortunately, here in Phoenix, I have at least another month before races start to pick back up!

  2. this is a busy time around here for sure. as marathon season kicks in


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