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Friday, August 28, 2009

Continental Divide Trail Race Preview

A rainy Friday and a forecast for a rainy Friday night should fully drench the course for tomorrow's Continental Divide Trail 10k. I do enjoy a nice sloppy run but to be honest have never had to really race in these conditions. But I do look forward to it.

Looking at my training for the year I see that I have mainly run a lot of long stuff without a lot of fast stuff. Recently I have injected a bit of 10k and slightly below efforts in and I am interested to see if this will translate well into a muddy and hilly 10k course. With the strength base I have I do believe that some of the gazelles may get pulled back a tad by the mud and this race could turn into a guts contest. That'll be "enjoyable". Bottom line is that tomorrow will be a competition run essentially. I am going there to run as fast as I can on that course, to get down and dirty and maybe take home some of that cash purse.

One nice feature for the weekend is that the races will be separated by gender. This means that the men will have the course first and after gutting it out will be able to sit back and watch the women's race unfold. Should be a great time with an opportunity to meet some new people! Doesn't the beer taste better when your legs are caked in mud?


  1. Good luck and have a great time!

    I kind of pity the women, though, having to go out after the men trash the course. Should make for some good post-race conversations.

  2. So, I saw that you posted a race report - but I haven't read it yet. Hopefully you were able to take home some money! If not, then hopefully you at least had a muddy beer.

  3. ...I couldn't tell if my comment went through or you have to approve - so I'll try again!

    Like I said before, I saw that you posted a race report, I'm going to read that right after this one. I want to see if you got any money - or at least a muddy beer.

  4. muddy beer met me at home... and an afternoon of sleeping on the couch.


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