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Monday, December 14, 2009

Run For the Red Marathon- Valle Crucis, NC Running Showcase!!

Looks like there is a brand new Marathon set for September 18, 2010 in Valle Crucis, NC. This is called Run For The Red and the beneficiary is the Watauga Chapter of the American Red Cross, in Boone, NC... in other words for those local to the area this race may directly benefit YOU or someone you know. In addition to the great cause it is also great, great course as anybody who has experienced running in the high country can tell you.

The Run For the Red adds another Marathon to the high country's race calendar to join the Grandfather Mountain Marathon. I would bet Run for Red will be less hectic, less expensive at only $35 and at least as difficult. The course is born from the Valle Crucis 25k and the Valle Crucis 7 miler. These two race courses are basically added together with a hilly spur added to the first 1/3 to make sure it is difficult enough. The course reaches a max elevation of 4377 ft, gaining about 1700ft in the first 8 miles! You then lose all of that returning to the banks of the sleepy Watauga River

A potential onlooker on Watauga River Rd.

For a link to the course map and elevation profile go here.

This is a brand new race for this year as I mentioned. But, do not fear.... the folks who are putting this one on are great race organizers! I have run several of their races and have not noticed the RD at all, except their smiling faces. This, to me, is the highest of compliments for an RD. If they are noticed, well then... you must have had something go wrong.

This promises to be a low key event with lots of hills and the beauty of fall in Western NC. Come on out for a kick in the butt. You will not qualify for Boston at this one but you will have earned the respect of a local. Around here nothing much else matters...


  1. thanks so much for posting this!! I live in bristol, VA and would LOVE to run this race! Valley crucis is SO pretty. I always take my two little boys to the original Mast General Store there. Always such a pretty drive! I can only imagine how nice it would be to run it!

    I think the big pull for Grandfather mtn marathon is finishing there at the highland games. but where GGM is early summer and this is a fall marathon.. I think they just go hand in hand. I bet I can think of about 10 people right now in my area( running circle of friends) who will now run both.

    This seems like it would be a nice low- key event and would make a GREAT family weekend vacation in the high country.. with boone and blowing rock a stones throw away.. you couldn't go wrong taking your family along for this race.

  2. As a member of 4-H and FFA for 8 or 9 years (combined) I will admit that the picture of the cow drew my attention right off of the bat. That said, you sure do have a nack for finding races that have some crazy elevation gains!!

  3. It is good to test yourself on difficult courses. They make the flat seems easy!!


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