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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Though this foot falls freely
so quiet and light
Though I may move swiftly
nearly hidden from sight
Though I sometimes startle
that being, so deaf
Through a specter
such is intent.

Could I be somehow grander--
Each step shall reveal
Could this step which I land on
be an external ideal?

Sure, the eyes may be pleased--
Sure, the ears may be believe--
that the goal of this race
to gather applause (like the breeze).

But- We, know of the essence!
For We, have felt it before!
So we move on with Stillness
like the Waves to the Shore.

Though our strides seem so empty--
and our faces hang numb
while our sweat pours with fury!
It's no race
(though won)
which gets done...


  1. That's why we keep coming back! Thanks.

  2. Oh Sean,
    Oh my God, I just love it when you write and post your excellent poetry!! You are a very gifted and talented writer!! Just so you know, you made my day:) I love it and think your piece Tootprint is beautiful!! I hope that you have an awesome Friday!!

  3. thanks so much for sharing that sean!! very nice!! I agree! you are extremely talented!

    stay warm over there in boone this weekend!

    take care!



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