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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Marching Right Along

If we are applying race strategy to the year then we have all just settled into our groove. The excitement of Resolutions has passed but been replaced by what we can really do to improve our lives as runners. We entered the haze. Things are still pretty easy, the course is gentle with its new found sunny skies and the hard times of August and the return of winter of abstract concepts... just like that hill at the end of your goal race.

With this in mind let's look back at the month of March!

Los Numeros
Monthly Total of Miles: 205
Grand Total for 2010: 608 (Right on track for my 2400 goal for the year)
Races... I ran two races this month. Taking home the gold at the Leprechaun Leap and silver at the Dupont Forest 12k.

Favorite Run
While acknowledging that all steps get us to where we are, there are some steps that leave a more positive vibe on us. This month I point toward some of the shorter, recovery runs. It seems March was full of tempo effort days. This led to lead legs and tired nights. So, when I took a jaunt through the Dragon Trail and along the river it was that much more pleasant to simply be moving, the watch sitting next to the bathroom sink and only my enjoyment to live up to. Lets hope April brings more of these fine days to us all!

The month to come...
2 weeks of training will lead me up to the Valle Crucis 25k. I have signed up for the High Country Triple Crown this year and it is my intention to show well in the series. VC25k is the first of three races followed by the VC7miler and The Knob. This series supports Girls on the Run and 100% of proceeds support this organization. Good Deal!!

BBQ Sandwiches... really
Also, for those in the mid-atlantic, south portion of our fine nation... Terri Hayes is still looking for volunteers for the upcoming Woods Ferry 24 hour run in South Carolina. Terri has a 5 race series she puts on and all of her races are 100% free. So... the weekend of April 17th ya'll should come out for a fun weekend and support your fellow runners... who knows, you might even get a pulled pork BBQ sandwich out of it!


  1. Those are some big numbers! What a great way to start the first part of the year, and obviously the best is still to come.

  2. You are off to an amazing start...I'm sure the remainder of the year will be just as impressive.

  3. After vowing to not train for another marathon in Savannah's summer, Run for the Red has made it onto my radar....hmmmm, do I want to run a fall mary and log 20 milers in August?

  4. Nice mileage. I am looking at my own and thinking "wow, I suck". But then I realize that I had 1 week with no running after the Miami marathon, low mileage for the next week, and 2 weeks of no running after the 50 mile ultra followed by 4 weeks of recovery low mileage. Now I don't feel so bad. :)

    But seriously, nice miles. I don't know that I would have that many in any way.

  5. Another month of nice mileage.
    You'll do great in that Triple Crown, no doubt.

  6. Love the little spanish flair. Sometimes you need to mix it up for sure.

    I love that your fav run was a recovery run. Sometimes just 'jogging' along can be the most fun.

    I'm sure that you'll kill the triple crown. Although, a race called the knob sure does sound intimidating.

  7. Holy crap on that mileage! Way to go!

  8. Really nice, strong month. Your previous work is so obviously paying off great dividends.

    I just looked up "Running Success" in wikipedia and it says, "see Sean Dunlap".

  9. Nice work, very impressive mileage! And yes, a big yay for recovery runs. Cheers!

  10. Wow! You put in some serious miles...but it looks like it pays off! I am excited to see what the rest of the year brings! =)


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