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Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring in My Steps!

Moving right along... from the lethargy of December to the frustration of January, February has brought on a fantastic sense of progress. The bike is gathering more dust and the shoes are getting more and more time on the asphalt!

This has been the best week yet with actual training mileage and paces falling into more to be expected parameters.
Total Time by day- 4 week period

I continue to get in my time for the week as I have for 6 weeks now post injury- Though, now the composition of that time is altered and favoring the impact of running on asphalt (mostly). The road miles have allowed be to recenter my stride, opening it back up. 
Running Time by Day- 4 week period
The core work and strength training continue to pay off as I feel fresher and quicker at this stage in training than I have in years! Those winter pounds are melting away like the snow we never had and each day I feel more like my athlete self and less like a heap of organic matter. All positive signs.

Many more miles and minutes lie ahead as I quest toward redemption in June. I can feel satisfied with falling in love with the process again, finding and flirting with the threshold which may induce the queezy loss of stomach contents. But- most of the miles are done at cozy paces with a focus on form and cadence! Most days are filled with warmth this year and on one hand I am sorry I missed this perfect winter training season. On the other, I am thankful to not have start from scratch in the blizzards of 2011.

I hope you are feeling renewed as I am as the year settles into itself! As the days grow longer and warmer the trails are calling me! So, who's ready for spring trail running!


  1. Isn't it great to be back at it?!??! Happy running friend!

  2. Welcome back, Sean! I'm happy to hear that you are coming on form (as they say in the biking world) once again.


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